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Rise & Shine: Assembly could pass mayoral control bill in days


  • Mayor Bloomberg is supporting Sheldon Silver’s laissez faire mayoral control bill. (Daily News)
  • The Assembly is expected to pass the bill, perhaps as soon as Wednesday. (Times)
  • Silver’s bill is good for kids and was the best part of one of Albany’s weirdest weeks, the Daily News says.
  • The Daily News urges donors to save a city institution, Insideschools.org. (We agree.)
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to turn Catholic schools into charters isn’t happening this year. (Daily News)
  • Arne Duncan pushed a city group not to push for mayoral control changes. (Post, GothamSchools)
  • Brooklyn students visited Manhattan’s criminal court to see justice working firsthand. (Daily News)
  • The city’s proposed budget would eliminate vouchers that help Orthodox Jews with child care. (Times)
  • A Bronx charter school principal was investigated 10 years ago for helping kids cheat. (Post)
  • Transfer schools have given struggling high school students second chances at graduating. (Post)
  • The Post profiles a 9-months-pregnant woman who is graduating from a transfer high school.
  • A charter school that promised to leave another school’s building now wants to stay. (Daily News)
  • Kindergartners at Brooklyn’s PS 17 were accidentally shown 45 seconds of pornography. (Post)
  • The Arizona Daily Star profiles a hometown teacher who is starting as an NYC charter school teacher.
  • The Post says William Thompson’s recent DOE audits don’t make him worthy of being mayor.
  • A graduating senior from Harlem’s Wadleigh High School is a serious businessman. (Times)


  • The federal government has designated $350 million to develop national curriculum and tests. (AP)
  • The Daily News says the state should give in to Arne Duncan’s demands and lift the charter cap.
  • The Washington Post takes a look at Michelle Rhee’s first two years as D.C.’s schools chief.
  • People from across the country have suggestions for Harold Levy’s school improvement list. (Times)
  • Teens in China cram for years to pass a one-shot-only college entrance exam. (Times)
  • The charter school market in Albany is poised to open up. (Albany Times Union)
  • Teacher layoffs in Los Angeles are affecting the neediest schools most. (L.A. Times)
  • Teachers are figuring out novel ways to stop kids from losing skills over the summer. (Washington Post)
  • Girls sports often get the short shrift, and they face special challenges in city schools. (Times 1, Times 2)
  • NYC transplant Andres Alonso is getting fire for his ask-questions-later leadership style. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Jay Mathews takes a look back at the first year of his Washington Post column, “Class Struggle.”
  • Gov. Paterson said at a Midtown conference that education is just as important as the economy. (Post)
  • A Connecticut school system is doing away with academic tracking. (Times)