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Remainders: Garth Harries introduces himself to New Haven

  • Jennifer Jennings (née Eduwonkette) challenges Michelle Rhee’s test score gains.
  • Bill de Blasio is criticizing Bloomberg for not putting enough hand sanitizer in schools.
  • People in Houston are worrying that New York City-style school reform will creep there.
  • A second state asked permission to drop K-12 funding below 2006 levels, despite stimulus.
  • David Whitman is getting scooped up by the USDOE communications office.
  • A Brooklyn company is behind the Palm Pilot software discussed in today’s WSJ article.
  • An Oakland mom finds principals candidates at her daughter’s school “discouragingly inadequate.”
  • Rotherham endorses opening up bargaining talks between unions and school districts.
  • An anti-union research group rises in Indiana.
  • And a very special happy birthday and congratulations to Philissa!