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Rise & Shine: Details of Silver’s mayoral control plan trickle out

  • Shelly Silver’s Assembly mayoral control plan barely curbs the mayor’s power. (Times, Post, Daily News)
  • As budgets are slashed and enrollments fall, some schools are cutting entire departments. (Daily News)
  • A state audit found that schools are selling junk food in violation of city policy. (Post, Daily News, NY1)
  • A Bronx school made families buy uniforms twice, after the first were never delivered. (Riverdale Press)
  • The Post praises Husly Rivera, the Brooklyn student with 14 years of perfect attendance.
  • Kids at a Queens school are learning history by digging up a 10-year-old time capsule. (Daily News)
  • A principal resignation sheds light on the process to replace school leaders. (Riverdale Press)
  • Most states are seeing more students seeking free lunch. (USA Today)
  • Hong Kong has closed all primary schools for two weeks because of 12 swine flu diagnoses. (AP)
  • Arne Duncan pushed national standards and teacher quality to the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to see his state move as much teaching material online as it can. (AP)
  • As jobs disappear, enrollment in GED programs has gone up. (Christian Science Monitor)