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Remainders: Teaching teachers how to interview for a job

  • It looks like the Republicans do control the state Senate, at least for now.
  • The UFT is offering teachers at closing schools job-interview advice.
  • David Bloomfield urges the Regents to reject a draft policy on credit recovery.
  • G&T applications are now available for fourth- and fifth-graders.
  • NYC Educator says the new UFT TV ad betrays a lack of interest in teachers.
  • Cleveland’s union agreed to use the stimulus to replace senior teachers with young ones.
  • Kentucky wants to use the money to buy cafeteria equipment. (Via Smarick.)
  • A study of 8th grade science finds the more you quiz, they more they learn.
  • ED in 08 is handing off responsibilities to the Education Equality Project.
  • The mayoral race in Boston is becoming an interesting education debate.
  • Will Richardson says schools can be saved in the same way newspapers can.
  • A school leader says the best professional development encourages dialogue.
  • Study: Young white teachers’ turnover drops if a school has fewer minority teachers.
  • A bunch of important people agreed math and science education need transforming.
  • Mike Petrilli is taking bets on whether Arne Duncan will keep up his tough talk.
  • And Dana Goldstein finds consensus among opponents on national standards.