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Remainders: Queens teachers cheer their principal’s resignation


  • Do female valedictorians sell themselves short after high school? A study suggests yes.
  • The UFT YouTube channel features teachers from Queens’ MS 8 celebrating their principal’s departure.
  • I hate charter schools,” a Texas politician said. Politics K-12 urged him to get the memo.
  • Teacher JD2718 wonders how the swine flu epidemic will affect schools’ progress report grades.
  • Speaking of swine flu, eight schools will remain closed tomorrow, but attendance rates look to be up.
  • Residents of Co-op City in the Bronx protested against a charter school siting in their neighborhood.
  • Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is one of four governors not pledging to pursue national standards.
  • A little ditty to help the kiddies remember how to be good test-takers.
  • Today was math test score day, but Aaron Pallas says it’s not too late to look closely at the ELA results.
  • A takedown of school discipline policy in Baltimore under DOE expat Andres Alonso.
  • In England, the debate du jour is whether children should study Latin.
  • Teachers’ discretionary supply budgets are on the chopping block, again.
  • The most successful countries teach lots of math and science … and literature and art and music and …
  • Why doesn’t tenure work to sort teachers? Peter Goodman suggests politics is to blame.
  • A how-to guide for teaching teens about sex and responsibility, from Staten Island’s McKee High School.