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Rise & Shine: Or maybe Obama will back Thompson for mayor

In New York:

  • Officials are encouraging outside teachers promised jobs not to give up hope. (GothamSchools)
  • Obama is open to endorsing a NYC mayoral candidate, maybe Thompson. (Daily News, Times)
  • Governor Paterson said he wants to preserve mayoral control after adding parent input. (Post)
  • Joe Williams says don’t tweak mayoral control; instead, hold mayor’s “feet to the fire” better.
  • Test scores are up moderately, and the achievement gap is narrowing. (GothamSchools)
  • Surprisingly, city middle schools made the largest gains on proficiency scores. (Post)
  • Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse have all made larger gains than NYC since 2006. (Times)
  • A high school teacher says students coming to her don’t seem to be getting smarter. (Daily News)
  • The News editorial board says the reading scores make the case for retaining mayoral control.
  • Aaron Pallas says don’t make judgments about the scores until we see NAEP data.
  • The teachers unions spent $6.6 million last year on lobbying, including 20 lobbyists. (Post)
  • Bob Kerrey is stepping down as president of the New School, which he expanded and shook. (Times)
  • A Scarsdale mother apologized for dropping her children on the street and driving away. (AP)


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