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Remainders: The Eva vs. Randi debate finally surfaces online

  • Here’s where you can watch video of the Eva vs. Randi NY1 debate.
  • Rupert Murdoch is investing big in the Harlem Village Academy charter schools.
  • Maybe Arne Duncan should start a commission on which programs to close.
  • Tim Daly of The New Teacher Project says a hiring freeze is more sensible than layoffs.
  • Dianne Piche, who is closely tied to DFER and EEP, will work for Obama.
  • Charting the place of basketball in deciding our nation’s education elite.
  • The CSM reporter following a charter school student travels to his homeland, Tanzania.
  • Who would play Steve Bar in a Green Dot movie? (I vote for Steve as himself!)
  • Sawchuck can’t figure out if federally funded merit pay would be collectively bargained.
  • A California teacher of the year without seniority tops a layoff list. (Via Joanne Jacobs.)
  • Aaron Pallas takes a look at the Roland Fryer study of Harlem Children’s Zone.
  • A Teaching Fellows member had an interview canceled at a very high-turnover school.
  • Liz Willen says the DOE’s response to students without high school matches is inadequate.

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