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Remainders: Obama leaves door open to endorsing Bloomberg

  • Barack Obama is not endorsing Bloomberg for mayor — not yet, anyway.
  • Beth Fertig notes that test scores rose across the state, not just in New York City.
  • Richard Kessler says that attrition and even layoffs could mean schools lose art teachers.
  • Questions about Obama’s proposed budget, like: How will that merit pay square with local resistance?
  • Charlie Barone predicts that charter-wary New Jersey could get boxed out of Race to the Top funds.
  • Teach For America is slated to get $15 million in Obama’s budget, which seems to be a first.
  • John Merrow’s latest Michelle Rhee report asks how media stardom is affecting her leadership.
  • Peter Goodman wonders if it’s possible to merge peer-review with value-added models.
  • A teacher is watching three of his classes transition to “lockdown.”
  • An interview with the author of “Never Work Harder Than Your Students.”
  • Arne Duncan will be Katie Couric’s date to the White House correspondents dinner.
  • Promoting a Spanish GED as a good alternative for those who speak the language.
  • In some districts, teachers can be fired for not paying their union dues, Antonucci reminds us.
  • Jim Shelton, of the Obama administration and formerly Gates, talks “common standards.”
  • Ken Hirsh says that the hiring freeze is bad for the city.

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