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Rise & Shine: Klein says equity, openness reasons for K crunch

  • The DOE has closed teacher hiring from outside the system. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, Post)
  • Parents rallied against wait lists at some kindergartens. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, NY1)
  • In a column, Chancellor Klein explains that equity and transparency led to the K wait lists. (The Villager)
  • A Harlem politician said mayoral control is a failure. Harlem schools also appear to be improving. (Post)
  • Steve Sanders, the architect of the mayoral control law, says the law should mostly stay. (Post)
  • The Post says none of the organizations lobbying Albany to change mayoral control are not legit.
  • A Queens high school has opened a student-run restaurant on campus. (Daily News)
  • Obama says D.C. should grandfather out children who currently get school vouchers. (Washington Post)
  • In Los Angeles, Ramon Cortines says he would love to fire every teacher in the reserve pool. (L.A. Times)