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Remainders: Weingarten, Green Dot could expand collaboration

  • The New Yorker reports on a possible national effort with Green Dot, Arne Duncan, and Randi Weingarten.
  • Here’s how to apply for a grant from the American Federation of Teachers’ innovation fund.
  • Peter Murphy says it’s hard for charter schools to cover both the educational and political worlds.
  • Beth Fertig has more stories from parents whose children are on the kindergarten wait lists.
  • There are rubber room clones in Los Angeles, and the LA Times is on the case.
  • Here’s a NY Times reporter’s number, if you have a juicy credit recovery story. (Here’s our e-mail.)
  • Helen highlights Jennifer Jennings’ analysis of G&T data, plucked from our comments section.
  • A selection from last year’s AP Calculus test, in honor of this year’s. Some rigor lives.
  • For Teacher Appreciation Day, a teacher gets an awkward drop-in and a sticker.
  • Paul Tough highlights Geoff Canada’s advice to Obama on the “promise neighborhoods.”
  • An effort to get teachers to specialize in elementary-school math.
  • School Chief Learning Officer should be a new position, says Will Richardson.