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Rise & Shine: Some kids still shut out after second HS round

  • The number of kids qualifying for gifted programs is up. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, Post)
  • A mom who started out opposing a charter school learned more and became its biggest supporter. (Post)
  • After the second HS admissions round, some kids were placed in schools they didn’t pick. (Daily News)
  • Dueling lobby groups are heading to Albany to push their plans for mayoral control. (Post)
  • A big issue for Albany to work out is the role of parents in the school governance system. (Daily News)
  • A Queens school custodian quit after it was revealed that he stole cleaning supplies. (Daily News)
  • There is growing dissent in D.C. over the city teachers union president’s leadership. (Washington Post)
  • The two-year span for federal stimulus funding has school advocates worried. (USA Today)
  • Lame-duck state ed head Richard Mills warns of a 2011 crunch in state school aid. (Legislative Gazette)
  • A Wall Street Journal columnist complains about how many politicians send their kids to private school.
  • The WSJ editorial board also condemns Arne Duncan’s decision to end the D.C. voucher program.
  • A government plan would let English parents force change in the failing schools they might attend. (BBC)
  • A Philadelphia Inquirer columnist ponders her reason for wanting more black teachers in the classroom.

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