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NYCLU: Mayoral control

Over the past seven years, Mayor Bloomberg’’s exclusive control over New York City schools and the 5,200 police officers within them has had a profound impact on the civil rights and civil liberties of New York’’s children.

Now, the debate across New York City and in the halls of Albany over whether or not the mayor should keep unfettered control over the schools is reaching a fevered pitch – lawmakers must decide the fate of “mayoral control” by the end of June.

With more than 1,400 schools and 1.1 million schoolchildren in New York City public schools, the consequences for civil rights and civil liberties are great.

As part of the NYCLU’s continuing Civil Liberties Discussion Series, NYCLU Public Policy Counsel Johanna Miller will discuss the civil rights and civil liberties implications of mayoral control of New York City public schools.

Following the presentation, NYCLU staff will lead a discussion about the future of mayoral control. Pizza will be provided to get the discussion going.

Please make sure to RSVP by emailing discussionseries@nyclu.org or calling (212) 607-3371.