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Rise & Shine: Infighting in Albany over fixed terms for PEP reps

From New York City:

  • Democratic lawmakers are pushing Shelly Silver to impose fixed terms for school board members. (Post)
  • Downtown Express, a paper from Silver’s Manhattan district, says it hopes he resists the pressure.
  • A top Democratic state senator has a plan that would leave the PEP unchanged. (Daily News)
  • A hearing held by a Queens state senator last week showed ire with mayoral control. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s education numbers could hurt his bid for a third term, says Errol Louis. (Daily News)
  • A teacher at a middle school (whose principal left under fire) allegedly had sex with a student. (Post)
  • Six more city schools are closing because of spikes in flu-like symptoms among students. (Post)
  • ARIS Parent Link, whose launch GothamSchools first reported, cost the city $900,000. (Times, NY1)
  • The city announced it would reopen a closed Upper East Side school to meet demand for seats. (Post)
  • Budget cuts are taking a major toll on after school programs. (Daily News)
  • The Post says the reason the UFT’s charter schools aren’t the best is that they are union-run. (Post)
  • Parents in Brooklyn are angry that a transfer school could move into their school building. (Daily News)

And beyond:

  • New Jersey’s highest court backed a school funding formula that doesn’t favor poor schools. (Times)
  • In Los Angeles, budget cuts mean an end to virtually all summer school programs. (L.A. Times)
  • Arne Duncan says states should lift their charter caps if they want stimulus money. (GothamSchools, AP)
  • More middle-class white families are choosing to homeschool their kids. (USA Today)
  • Jay Mathews problematizes the preschool-for-all debate. (Washington Post)

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