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Remainders: The other national union fights Teach For America

  • Chaz wonders whether principals can find a way around using ATRs to plug openings.
  • Norm Scott, union troublemaker, says Randi Weingarten is on a “national sellout tour.”
  • Here’s a write-up of the Queens charter school myth-busting session we previewed.
  • An internal NEA e-mail, reported by Andrew Rotherham, marshals union officials against TFA.
  • Sawchuck: Why fight a group your own members are part of? Antonucci has an answer.
  • Three K-12 stimulus projects touted by VP Joe Biden reflect job protection, not reform, says Smarick.
  • Geoffrey Canada is taking his Harlem Children’s Zone message around the country.
  • A report suggests that preschool enrollment is lagging in poor Chicago neighborhoods.
  • At the National Press Club, Arne Duncan answered concerns about stimulus funds.
  • Ed Week reports that educators are drowning in data — so much that they can’t use it.
  • At Insideschools, Judy Baum summarizes the mayoral control debate, plus some good context.