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Rise & Shine: Are school budgets worse off than the city says?


  • Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says mayoral control talks in Albany are “evolving.” (NY1)
  • Mayor Bloomberg praised Shelly Silver’s school plan and the effort in Albany. (Post)
  • The Daily News says Silver is on the right track; the Post wants more details about what his position. 
  • State lawmakers say Bloomberg’s leadership is making them think twice about mayoral control. (NY1)
  • Jacob Gershman analyzes the politics around Silver’s moderate mayoral control position. (Post)
  • The Queens school board appointee says the PEP should have more power. (Queens Tribune)


  • Some principals say their budgets are dropping by even more than the amount the DOE warned. (Post)
  • A teacher’s 5-year fight over an abuse charge shows problems in the teacher justice system.  (Times)
  • ARIS for parents is now online. (GothamSchoolsPost)
  • Since the arrival of swine flu, school nurses have been busier than ever. (NY1)
  • Some city kids are changing their college plans after getting too little financial aid. (Riverdale Press)
  • About a dozen Los Angeles teachers have launched a hunger strike against layoffs. (L.A. Times)
  • States are working on plans to keep high school graduates out of remedial college classes. (Times)
  • Kids these days really like hugging each other; parents and teachers are baffled. (Times)
  • The Green Dot-takeover school in Los Angeles, Locke High, is still lagging academically. (L.A. Times)