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Remainders: Three rules for how to talk about unions

  • Shelly Silver says his plan, proposed last night, is not final and he’s in no rush.
  • A satire on the public school parents blog: “Mike to voters: drop dead.
  • Twenty-two days till the end of school! Yup that’s 22. 22. 22.
  • A teacher explains what “teacher leader” means and why leaders should get performance pay.
  • A study finds that desegregation policies led teachers to transfer away from changing schools.
  • John Merrow describes a frank family conversation about cheating at school.
  • Sesame Street’s parent nonprofit is making budget cuts, and the show’s ranking is falling.
  • The federal DOE is getting frustrated that states aren’t submitting stimulus plans.
  • Rotherham offers three rules for how to talk about teachers unions.
  • Here’s why New York is being hit harder by swine flu than other cities.
  • Some progressive education ideas coming out of… Utah!

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