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Remainders: Novel ideas about school siting, from a teacher

  • Diane Ravitch: Contrary to what Joel Klein thinks, education is not the civil rights issue of our time.
  • Information is trickling out about G&T admissions, but it’s not fast enough for some families.
  • Everyone’s looking for the education angle on Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor.
  • A teacher at an overcrowded school has some unorthodox proposals for where new schools should go.
  • Read the guide to the rubber room, thanks to a reassigned teacher who scanned it in.
  • Pondering those subway ads that promote the city’s public schools.
  • A teacher who started the year with high hopes is counting down the days until summer vacation.
  • Did incoming interim deputy chancellor Santi Taveras struggle in a teaching position long ago?
  • At least one school nurse might not have provided the best defense against swine flu.
  • Analysis of the mayoral control fight that invokes the words of disgraced Providence mayor Buddy Cianci.
  • Diagnoses of teaching disabilities are on the rise. (It’s the Onion, people! A joke!)
  • Slate reports that the College Board isn’t trying to help students; it’s trying to make money.
  • Baltimore is trying to double the number of Teach For America corps members there.
  • Leo Casey explains why it’s a mistake to associate teacher unionism with student performance.
  • In a Brooklyn district, a fight over charter school siting, with a dispatch from a parent leader.
  • A call for more detailed school budget data, posted in more transparent ways.

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