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Rise & Shine: Albany Dems are split, mostly, on mayoral control

  • State Senate Democrats appear to be deeply divided on mayoral control. (AP)
  • But most seem to agree that the city’s current form of mayoral control should be weakened. (Daily News)
  • Manhattan parents are suing the DOE over its school closing and opening practices. (Times, Post)
  • The Riverdale principal who was accused of having a teacher “hate list” was reassigned. (Post)
  • IS 123 in the Bronx has improved a lot, in part, the principal says, its classes now have 16 kids. (Post)
  • Middle schools’ test scores have risen a lot under Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein. (Post)
  • Best practices for containing swine flu’s spread inside schools are elusive. (Times)
  • A Daily News columnist says city officials “fumbled” on creating a coherent swine flu policy.
  • The widow of the city’s first flu victim, also a teacher, says she’ll be back to work next week. (Daily News)
  • Students from Brooklyn are displaying their art at the Guggenheim Museum. (Daily News)
  • A new study comes out against aggressive discipline for special education students. (USA Today, NPR)
  • Three quarters of the people who took a Massachusetts licensing exam failed the math. (Boston Globe)

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