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Rise & Shine: Queens AP with swine flu dies; more schools close

  • The Queens assistant principal with swine flu has died. (Times)
  • The DOE closed 5 more schools because of the flu. (Daily News)
  • The UFT said 18 more schools have swine flu epidemics, but it won’t name them. (Post)
  • Some are saying the DOE should have closed flu-affected schools sooner. (Post)
  • Families from Yonkers appear to be enrolling at one Bronx school en masse. (Post)
  • Some charter schools may be giving their heads outsized salaries and their heads’ families jobs. (Post)
  • In New Orleans’ new charter schools, principals are suddenly making lots of money. (Times Picayune)
  • The head of the NY Civil Rights Coalition says charters have propelled resegregation. (Daily News)
  • The number of HIV infections diagnosed in city teens is up amid a wider decline. (Post)
  • Gotham Gazette has excerpts from a recent forum on mayoral control that its publisher sponsored.
  • In a letter, Comptroller William Thompson says the DOE doesn’t successfully project for growth. (Times)
  • Is it really true that U.S. students do so badly compared to kids in other countries? Maybe not. (AP)
  • Education’s “Odd Couple” talked high expectations at Education Equality Day. (Washington Post)
  • Jay Mathews says schools need to do better about combating senioritis. (Washington Post)
  • The Times says government must do more to fix the nation’s “dropout factories.”
  • The race to fix a failing school in L.A. has pitted charter proponents against other reformers. (L.A. Times)