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Remainders: Swine flu causes three more school closures

  • Here’s video from a rally yesterday to stop school closings, organized by teachers.
  • Building trust among educators and students makes school improvement more likely.
  • Roughly 45 teachers protesting possible layoffs were arrested in LA. Thousands called in sick.
  • PS 9 students will have to retake the gifted & talented test after their first tests were lost.
  • Two more Queens schools and a Brooklyn school are being closed due to swine flu.
  • Rumor has it that 40,000 people could show up at tomorrow’s Education Equality Project rally in DC.
  • Tom Vander Ark, who’s doing PR for EEP, explains the idea behind the rally.
  • Mayor Bloomberg has spent $18.7 bmillion of his own money already on his reelection campaign.
  • The hunt for prekindergarten space in Greenwich Village was successful.
  • Richard Kessler explains how he’s organizing a campaign to restore arts education funding.
  • A teacher says she feels sorry for a child who has lunch detention until the end of the year.