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Remainders: A top HS is cutting advanced math to save money

  • A nonprofit with Rudy Crew on its board is accused of firing its leader for backing Bloomberg.
  • At LaGuardia High School, budget cuts are threatening upper-level math classes.
  • LinkEd kicks off a series of posts about assessment with Teacher Data Report analysis.
  • Two state lawmakers urge Mayor Bloomberg to listen to critics during mayoral control talks.
  • Do teachers unions really care about policies supported by education research?
  • Teachers imagine life without the extra $150 stipend via “Teacher’s Choice.”
  • Aaron Pallas wonders if the College Board’s latest test is really worth anything.
  • A California man who’s deep in debt says he regrets going to college. (Via Joanne Jacobs.)
  • A researcher explains the complex factors that make early childhood programs successful.
  • A third of all teachers in Sweetwater, California, are asking for the superintendent’s head.
  • The New Republic meets ATR’s and finds aged 60s activists, “sense of entitlement.”
  • Rotherham thinks that transparency alone isn’t enough; accountability is necessary, too.
  • Elementary school teachers in Massachusetts will now have to pass a math test.

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