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Remainders: How "many" ATR teachers were rated poor?

  • Writing in a local Bronx paper, a teacher warns that “mayoral control is out of control.”
  • The UFT’s new TV ad: “We have teachers in our name but children and their families in mind.”
  • Challenging the Times’ contention that “many” ATR teachers have been rated unsatisfactory.
  • Journalism school students report differing parents’ perspectives on mayoral control.
  • Arne Duncan wants the country’s worst schools closed and reopened within five ears.
  • Duncan also stopped by Ohio recently to declare his hope the state will lead in reform.
  • A new resource to help you find different states’ documents on English language learners.
  • In California, teachers are protesting their own union because it wants to cut pension costs.
  • Pondiscio highlights a study finding that good-looking people get better grades.

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