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Remainders: Will shut-out kindergarten families flee the city?

  • Two new-but-old subway cars recently came to East New York High School for Transit Technology.
  • Liz Willen writes that the problem of oversubscribed kindergartens could push families out of the city.
  • Ethics and financial disclosure documents for Education Secretary Arne Duncan are now online.
  • Students at Staten Island’s McKee High School took care of fake babies, and they said it was no fun.
  • I can’t listen to my appearance on Brian Lehrer, but you can. Just don’t tell me how my voice sounds!
  • One set of kids did better on the NAEP exam: Those whose parents didn’t graduate from college.
  • The DOE was supposed to release gifted and talented scores today, but it didn’t.
  • School buildings aren’t just for educating kids. They can also help with urban regeneration.
  • In Arizona, a consortium of high-performing charter schools is pushing for weaker ones to close.
  • A teacher says her school’s new administration wants the school to live up to its technology theme.
  • Norm Scott has a flyer produced by teachers who want to expose the truth behind the rubber rooms.
  • Diane Ravitch isn’t the only one who’s distressed by Joel Klein’s response to NYC’s NAEP results.

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