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Remainders: And now we will pause for a short spring break

Philissa and I will take a spring break along with the public schools starting tomorrow. Ours will involve a week of learning about the latest education research in San Diego, thanks to generous support from the Hechinger Institute.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned to our community section. If anything earth-shattering happens, we’ll post in the newsroom. Otherwise, we’ll be back April 20th, smarter and with a tan. And maybe then we can convince the doubters that we really do not have “an agenda,” besides good journalism.

  • Steve Koss analyzes turnout for parent council elections and declares the results pathetic.
  • Trying to trace stimulus money, Michelle McNeil finds all levels of gov’t fail “the transparency test.”
  • Peter Murphy takes on Jonathan Gyurko’s analysis of charter school funding.
  • Childhood poverty creates stress, which impairs memory, a study finds. (Via Joanne Jacobs.)
  • Debating what makes a good school: Academic rigor versus hands-on experience?
  • A 21st century writing expert says writing is “newly technologized, socialized and networked.”
  • There’s concern that stimulus funds might not get sent equally to charter schools.
  • An update to that North Carolina Teach For America study: Add more teachers and TFA still does better.
  • Some fan mail, and some concerns that GothamSchools has an agenda. Comments?
  • And: Arne Duncan introduced Neko Case, indie rocker, at the 9:30 club in D.C. last night. Video: