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Rise & Shine: The mayor responds to UFT’s council cue cards

Talking pointgate,” Day 3:

  • Look who else picked up GothamSchools’ UFT-to-City Council question-card story! (NY1, AP)
  • The City Council members who got question cards have also received union donations. (Daily News)
  • The UFT says it won’t use the tactic again. (Post)
  • Post columnist says the incident shows that the City Council is a “wholly owned subsidiary” of the UFT.

And the news:

  • General Electric gave the DOE $13 million for middle school improvement. (NY1)
  • The Bloomberg campaign is advertising in parent newsletters for paid high school interns. (Daily News)
  • The DOE sent parents a spring-break letter reminding them to serve their kids skim milk. (Post)
  • The mayor is threatening to cut agency budgets more if unions don’t make concessions. (Daily News)
  • More than 400 families applied for 37 spots at a Fort Greene charter school. (Brooklyn Paper, The Local)
  • The Times calls on Arne Duncan to “hold the line” on his reforms when doling out stimulus money.
  • The Columbia Spectator takes a look at how mental health issues are taught in the city schools.
  • A program that uses retirees as tutors has paid off for kids, a study shows. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • The D.C. public schools are promoting themselves with radio, TV, and online ads. (Washington Post)
  • Three states are planning to standardize what’s taught in their state college classes. (Times)