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Rise & Shine: Registering extra kids to boost money, scores?

  • The Post and Daily News pick up on GothamSchools’ scoop about the UFT’s City Council cue cards.
  • Both papers say the cards show that the union cares only about politics, not kids. (Post, Daily News)
  • A Queens principal is under investigation for registering out-of-zone kids illegally. (Post)
  • The New York Times awarded scholarships to seniors who triumphed in tough circumstances. (Times)
  • Last night was “Super Tuesday” for charter school lotteries. (Daily News)
  • State are hoping stimulus money will jump start their stalled prekindergarten expansions. (Times)
  • Arne Duncan thinks kids should be in school 11 months a year. (AP)
  • Obama’s education rhetoric isn’t far from President Bush’s. (Education Week)
  • The biggest back of double dutch in the city is thrilled that it’s now an official school sport. (Daily News)
  • Catholic school teachers say their schools are trying to break up their union. (Staten Island Advance)
  • In Chicago, a new charter school where students learn from their computer at home. (Tribune)
  • Some teachers are getting explicit instruction in how to handle disruptive behavior. (Wall Street Journal)