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Remainders: Weingarten urges “a fresh look” at divisive topics

  • The Times recaps yesterday’s visits by Adrian Fenty and Joe Biden to the city to talk schools.
  • Meanwhile, Weingarten urged NY teachers to “take a fresh look” at “divisive issues.”
  • Aaron Pallas fact-checks the fact sheet put out by the Education Equality Project.
  • An AFT affiliate helped organize teachers at three Chicago charter schools.
  • Norm says teachers can stay satisfied by working on social justice activism.
  • Boston is hiring Teach for America members despite layoffs. (Via Joanne Jacobs)
  • Noticing a report that Roxbury Prep gives 200 first-round interviews every year.
  • The D.C. voucher program gives students a leg up in reading, but math is about even. (Full study.)
  • How to become a teacher: a collection of resources for those who want to.
  • The Denver schools chief interviews Alan Bersin, who paved the way for Klein, Rhee.
  • Aldeman predicts that states’ reports on how they evaluate teachers will be embarrassing.
  • Asking if sending your kids to fancy private school hurts public schools. (Via Corey.)