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Rise & Shine: Budget constraints are keeping rubber rooms full

  • A new report finds that many students are still leaving high schools before they graduate. (Times)
  • State Sen. Malcolm Smith said he personally scrapped his task force’s mayoral control report. (Post)
  • Randi Weingarten’s views on mayoral control are a personal affront to President Obama, the Post says.
  • Because lawyers are expensive, teachers are spending more time in the “rubber room.” (Daily News
  • A movement’s afoot to bring robotics instruction to more public schools. (USA Today)
  • A private donor pledges to help KIPP add more schools in cash-strapped California. (LA Times)
  • The D.C. Council wants to hire an auditor to evaluate Michelle Rhee’s reforms. (Washington Post)
  • Across the country, field trips are falling victim to budget cuts. (USA Today)
  • The Supreme Court is hearing another case about when parents should pay for special ed schools. (AP)
  • As a senator, former Denver supe Michael Bennet says he will influence national ed policy. (Denver Post)