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Remainders: Finally, answers about why kids don't like school

  • Jennifer Freeman asks why foundations can fund art and chess programs, but parents should not.
  • Aaron Pallas takes aim at Margaret Spellings’ justification for why high school NAEP scores are stuck.
  • Experts debate the meaning of the NAEP test results in the New York Times’ Running Debate feature.
  • Newspaper editors can’t decide whether the NAEP results are good or bad.
  • Was the beleaguered Queens principal’s resignation really voluntary? Helen Zelon implies it was not.
  • A former Brooklyn principal who was convicted of molesting a girl was caught after years on the lam.
  • The Wall Street Journal gives a thumbs up to a new book that tries to explain why kids don’t like school.
  • A new report argues that paying fewer teachers better would improve educational outcomes.
  • In Baltimore, officials are proposing relaxing high school promotion requirements.
  • A new film highlights the challenges faced by teenagers in foster care.
  • Alexander Russo picks up a too-cute video from, of kids at PS 22 singing “Eye of the Tiger.”
  • A middle school teacher says the most adolescent behavior at her school comes from her colleagues.

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