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Rise & Shine: NAEP scores are up, still show achievement gap

  • National NAEP results are mixed. (Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Times)
  • The UFT has given money to state politicians making decisions about mayoral control. (Post)
  • After vowing to find its own home, a new charter school now wants public school space. (Daily News)
  • After sustained opposition, a Queens middle school principal has resigned. (Daily News)
  • A city public school is closed today after swine flu was suspected there. (WNYC)
  • The role of a school nurse in identifying swine flu is good for school nurses everywhere. (Times)
  • Parents say the DOE hasn’t handled a spike in overcrowding very well. (NY1)
  • A school bus driver was charged with sexually abusing one of his 9-year-old passengers. (PostTimes)
  • Some teachers think AP courses are getting worse as they expand, a survey found. (Washington Post)
  • Sol Stern says the influence of a Brazilian educator has hurt U.S. education schools. (City Journal)