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Rise & Shine: DOE is cracking down on parent-funded extras

  • The UFT funds several organizations that are lobbying to change mayoral control. (Post)
  • The DOE is cracking down on schools that illicitly pay teaching assistants with PTA funds. (Post)
  • City kids are considering turning down out-of-state colleges to save money by staying home. (Post)
  • From Gotham Gazette: A primer on the mayoral control debate up to now.
  • The Bloomberg administration loves charter schools. (Post)
  • Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School is one good school that has opened under Bloomberg. (Post)
  • A new charter school in Brooklyn is filling up with middle-class kids. (Daily News)
  • The $30 million charter school budget restoration won’t take away from school districts. (Buffalo News)
  • Kids from PS 205 in the Bronx held a protest march about the zoo’s plan to close some exhibits. (Post)
  • More on Friday’s bizarre barricading teacher incident. (TimesPost,  Post)
  • Newsday says the Board of Regents should pick a new education commissioner faster. 
  • The Post has guarded praise for Randi Weingarten’s talk about the opportunities charter schools provide.
  • Using student test scores in teacher tenure decisions is just a first step in tenure reform, the Post says.
  • Reforming mayoral control is just good business practice, according to Andrew Wolf. (Daily News)
  • Outside the city, preschools can’t fill their classes. (Times)
  • Jay Mathews wonders why more high schools don’t require senior projects. (Washington Post)
  • In the D.C. region, first-year teachers are getting more support than ever. (Washington Post)