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Rise & Shine: With new role possible, scores are up, scrutinized

  • Merryl Tisch says she is talking with union leaders about using test scores in tenure decisions. (Post)
  • The Post says Catherine Nolan must be lying about why she didn’t propose a teacher tenure study.
  • Charter schools are getting $30 million restored from what was cut. (Daily NewsPost, GothamSchools)
  • Experts say a rule change means 2009 test scores can’t be compared to last year’s. (Daily News)
  • Scores on social studies and science tests are up, but still low for eighth graders. (PostAP)
  • A Brooklyn principal is being investigated for trying to boost test scores and survey results. (Daily News)
  • Queens teachers protesting against their principal say he told them to inflate grades. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Parents are fuming about being put on the waitlist for their zoned schools. (Daily News)
  • Most students in the special ed classes with a 5 percent grad rate are black and Latino boys. (Daily News)
  • City officials are proposing an energy-saving plan that would upgrade most school buildings. (Times)
  • A Greenwich Village elementary school is set to receive a “green roof.” (The Villager)
  • A powder prank Wednesday at PS 345 in Brooklyn made lots of students itchy. (Daily News)
  • Last year’s dangerous Stuyvesant team trip could lead to strengthened school trip policies. (NY1)
  • Ed Sec Arne Duncan suggests that schools use stimulus money for summer school. (AP)
  • About 5 percent of Dallas teachers have been given a year to improve or be fired. (Houston Chronicle
  • Jay Mathews: I feel silly for thinking Ivy League grads could staff every needy school. (Washington Post)