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Remainders: Stephen Colbert was not cool in high school

  • Above is Stephen Colbert at the event this morning, talking about what a loser he was in high school.
  • The principal of P.S. 20 is re-thinking his offer to hold a public meeting about his performance.
  • Russo confesses that he once decided not to work for Sandra Feldman at the UFT — and regrets it.
  • Lindsey at InsideSchools reports from the first-every lottery for Coney Island Prep, a new charter.
  • Need to fulfill the new community service requirement? Here’s a chance in Bedford Stuyvesant.
  • A Boston teacher follows Pallas’ lead, comparing actual Boston charter schools to suburban ones.
  • Educators should “pimp our ride” to capitalize on the fact that teaching is suddenly a hot job.
  • Two education advocates are forming a new organization to help struggling Catholic schools.
  • A new Ed Sector report suggests paying teachers more earlier on in their careers.
  • Sawchuck points out that pension systems are doing even more to “backload” the system.
  • As the Supreme Court mulls school funding, Chief Justice Roberts wonders how to factor in the economy.
  • Diane Ravitch offers six reasons not to give teachers bonuses for raising students’ test scores.
  • Examining the argument that it’s in corporate America’s interest to expand early childhood.
  • Chaz summarizes exactly what he sees as the change at the Dept of Ed: top-down management.