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Rise & Shine: HS newspapers cutting pages, going online-only

  • Teachers at many charter schools, as at KIPP AMP, are struggling over their union ties. (Times)
  • Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan last year killed a popular plan for a teacher effectiveness study. (Post)
  • Community service is set to make an appearance at NYC public schools. (GothamSchools, Daily News)
  • Teachers in Queens are still protesting their principal, and the DOE is still backing him. (Post)
  • A robocall from former mayor Ed Koch is reminding parents to weigh in on their leaders. (Daily News)
  • As the newspaper industry changes, high school newspapers are changing, too. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • High demand for charter schools is a good reason to create more of them, says the Daily News.
  • The Post editorializes against the mayoral control “tweaks” Betsy Gotbaum is pushing in Albany.
  • The Washington Post says D.C. residents should be able to pick private schools, as politicians often do.