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Remainders: A good news/bad news day for charter schools

  • For city charter schools, first there was bad news, then mixed news, then good news.
  • Aaron Pallas says the Leadership Academy’s policy of axing some principals is inefficient.
  • The Frustrated Teacher explains why he “now officially teach[es] to the test.”
  • Pondiscio asks if test prep constitutes “educational malpractice.”
  • Another frustrated teacher doesn’t like it that her colleague is glued to a Blackberry.
  • Rotherham says Duncan’s tough words can’t be a substitute for the political will to change.
  • Here’s the list of the five districts nominated for the Broad Prize this year.
  • Randi Weingarten is getting lots of love from Sharpton and Arne Duncan.
  • Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s session of the Sharpton-Klein convention.