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Rise & Shine: Clues to the Ed Equality Project’s mystery funding

  • A former chancellor is paying for the Education Equality Project, Juan Gonzalez reports. (Daily News)
  • Arne Duncan loves mayoral control and wants to see the it spread. (GothamSchools, APPost)
  • Seventy-eight percent of Leadership Academy graduates are working as principals. (Post)
  • A Queens principal praises mayoral control for freeing him up to spend, hire, and fire as he wishes. (Post)
  • An e-mail trail says the DOE favored a real estate developer’s school plan over other options. (Post)
  • More anger over the 7,500 students who didn’t get a high school seat. (NY1)
  • The Post says the teachers union’s to blame for no state money for charter schools. 
  • The federal government could soon give states credit for 5-year high school graduates. (Education Week)
  • More minorities are enrolling at, but not integrating, suburban schools. (USA Today, CNN)
  • Arne Duncan speaks out on the stimulus. (Washington Post)