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Extra pay for extra work could be gone forever, a teacher warns

The federal stimulus bill appears to have taken teacher layoffs off the table for next year. But Reality-Based Educator, who posts on the blog written by NYC Educator, predicts that while teacher salaries might have been saved, extra pay for working at after-school programs could disappear forever. He writes:

As for after school programs, the only ones funded these days are extended day classes. All the other clubs and programs, if they are still running, are doing so because teachers are volunteering their time to run them. Now even in good times you knew if you worked one of these programs or clubs that you would only be paid one hour for every three hours you worked, but now you’re not paid at all. Still, most of my colleagues continue to work these programs and clubs. One wonders if all that “volunteer time” will become expected even after the economy and the school budget improves? I’m betting it does…

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