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Rise & Shine: When a Catholic school stops being Catholic


  • Mayor Bloomberg has pretty much stopped talking about massive teacher layoffs. (Post)
  • The DOE isn’t letting a rapper bound for jail visit a Crown Heights middle school. (Daily News)
  • D.C.’s Catholic-to-charter school conversions could have lessons for New York City. (Times)
  • Schools could lose their drug counselors thanks to a state move to outsource them. (Daily News, NY1)
  • Another member of Harlem Parents United argues in favor of school choice. (Daily News)


  • Much of the state’s stimulus money will arrive this month. (AP)
  • The federal government will be paying attention to how schools use their stimulus money. (Times)
  • In one high-pressure suburban school, students got a boost from falsified transcripts. (Times)
  • New York’s senators say they’ll oppose a law to preserve the D.C. voucher program. (Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal says Obama should expand D.C.’s voucher program, not end it.

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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