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Remainders: A DOE staffer explains why she blogs, despite risks

  • A DOE employee says she blogs in order to make educator voices heard.
  • Alexander Russo says Arne Duncan doesn’t make waves; Flypaper disagrees.
  • Ty’Sheoma Bethea, the girl who sat with Michelle Obama during the president’s speech, is famous.
  • A parent proposes a “day of action” to publicize concerns with current trends in school reform.
  • NYSUT issues a late news flash about the law banning use of test scores to determine tenure.
  • A parent’s diary from the middle school search; don’t judge until you step inside!
  • Will Richardson highlights a compilation of research in favor of teachers using social networking.
  • A new budget proposal in Ohio puts charter schools there at risk of having to shut down.
  • Sawchuck: Reducing class size is one of few policies backed by “good research,” but it’s sooo expensive.

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