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Rise & Shine: Bloomberg predicts a mayoral control deal

  • Mayor Bloomberg told the Post he thinks he will make a deal with lawmakers over mayoral control.
  • The Post says “kids come last” for the teachers union, so mayoral control should be preserved.
  • A Bronx principal is under investigation for maintaining a “hate list” of teachers. (Post)
  • Schools in the Riverdale section of the Bronx get free rent for their fundraising events. (Riverdale Press)
  • A Bronx mom is suing over what she says are dangerous PCB levels at her kids’ school. (Daily News)
  • A third grader brought a five-inch knife to his Brooklyn elementary school, officials say. (Daily News)
  • The Times says states should forgo their annual ritual of playing chicken with education dollars.
  • Arne Duncan is set to push school reforms with his $5 billion “innovation” fund. (Washington Post)
  • The school voucher movement is in jeopardy under the Obama administration. (Wall Street Journal)