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Rise & Shine: Teaching tolerance with a wedding invitation


  • The Post found out what was in all of those investigation reports Richard Condon sent to the chancellor.
  • Sexual misconduct by teachers and school staff made up a third of the crimes. (Post)
  • Even with stricter promotion rules, more kids have been promoted every year under Bloomberg. (Post)
  • WNYC reports on the final hearing on mayoral control, held Friday in Brooklyn.
  • Learn NY and the Campaign for Better Schools brought many attendees to the hearing. (Times)
  • A Harlem teacher invited all of his students to his commitment ceremony. (Times)
  • The city hid its interest in building a DUMBO middle school, a FOIL request found. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Families at a Midtown high school are protesting a plan to move the school to East Harlem. (NY1)
  • CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein says mayoral control has been great for the city. (Post)
  • Loopholes in the DOE’s vendor rules allow convicted felons to work inside school buildings. (Daily News)
  • A bus driver banned by the DOE in 2006 for taunting an autistic student is back on the job. (Post)
  • Upper West Side students are building a giant pink piggy bank to raise awareness about saving. (NY1)
  • The City Council is weighing a bill to require PTAs to broadcast their meetings online. (Daily News)
  • The DOE disputes the claims of the student who said she warned Joel Klein that she was unsafe. (Post)


  • New York State is one of the biggest winners in the federal stimulus jackpot. (Times)
  • D.C.’s pay-for-grades program induces competition but not always better grades. (Washington Post)
  • Jay Mathews says the D.C. voucher program is dead — get used to it. (Washington Post)
  • Applications to the New Teacher Project are up 44 percent over last year. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • E.D. Hirsch says now is the time for content-rich national standards and assessments. (Times)
  • Nicholas Kristof praises D.C.’s Michelle Rhee and says Barack Obama ought to do the same. (Times)

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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