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Rise & Shine: Schools still not hiring teachers without positions

  • Three new citywide gifted programs are opening this fall. (GothamSchoolsCity RoomDaily NewsPost)
  • Charter schools are funding a parent campaign for mayoral control, Juan Gonzalez says. (Daily News)
  • Despite new financial incentives, schools still aren’t hiring many excessed teachers. (Daily News)
  • The DOE’s proposed capital plan costs nearly twice as much per seat as the current one. (Daily News)
  • Some pre-kindergarten programs are losing extra funds that let them stay open all day. (Daily News)
  • A survey found that most downtown residents want mayoral control changes. (Downtown Express)
  • Randi Weingarten clarifies the UFT’s position on mayoral control in a letter to the Wall Street Journal.
  • Michelle Obama and other powerful women took to the D.C. schools yesterday. (TimesWashington Post)