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Julia Stiles and Joel Klein: e-mail pals, swapping reform ideas

There’s actually a fair amount of news today, but I want to make sure that this doesn’t slip through the cracks: New York Magazine reported yesterday on a new friendship between Joel Klein, the chancellor, and the actress Julia Stiles.

Apparently Stiles met Klein by interrupting him at a recent party where he was reacting to an Obama speech. Stiles stopped him in order to describe her own issues with the city’s public schools. Then she got embarrassed for getting so excited about the education issue:

Afterward, Stiles, mortified (“I have a lot to say and I was wildly inarticulate”), apologized and awkwardly asked for Klein’s e-mail. He took hers instead, saying “I’ll be in touch.” “I’d seen a couple of her movies, but I couldn’t remember her name,” Klein admitted, but he e-mailed her to follow up. “We’re now e-mail pals. She likes what we’re doing on charters.”

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