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Contest: Find the school with the most teacher turnover

After I posted the teacher turnover numbers from the Bronx high school where teachers are currently speaking out against their principal, a reader pointed me to another school with even higher turnover: PS 198 in the Bronx. Here’s that school’s turnover numbers from its most recent state report card:

The exchange inspired me to unveil this challenge for GothamSchools readers: Find the school in the city with the highest teacher turnover. In particular, find a school that out-does P.S. 198’s one-year overall turnover rate of 54 percent.

A couple of ground rules: First, it’s no fair to cite anecdotal information. We will only accept official state statistics. You can find these on page 4 of each school’s “Accountability and Overview Report,” which is linked on the “Statistics” section of every school’s Department of Education Web site.

Also, new schools that are just scaling up their staff — i.e., they only have one or two grades so far, and are adding grades on each year — are out of bounds. These schools might have just a few teachers leave for unremarkable reasons, like moving to another state or having a baby, but becasue their overall staff is small, the change would translate into a high percentage. But, by all means, go ahead and leave a comment about these schools, too.

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