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Rise & Shine: Rhee expresses regrets, but does she mean it?


  • Friday’s mayoral control hearing focused on problems for English language learners. (Daily News)
  • The Gotham Gazette takes an in-depth look at the idea of converting Catholic schools to charters.
  • The DOE’s parent council election is groundbreaking because it’s all online. (Times)
  • A girl says she asked 25 times for a high school transfer but didn’t get one until she was assaulted. (Post)
  • The Robin Hood Foundation has given public schools beautiful new libraries. (Times)
  • At Quest To Learn, a new middle school in Manhattan, kids will learn through video games. (Post)
  • A Sheepshead Bay High School student talks about being on the Double Dutch team. (Times)


  • Michelle Rhee tells D.C. teachers she might have tried to do too much too soon. (Washington Post)
  • Schools across the country are adapting to a new wave of immigrant students. (Times)
  • As both public and private financing dries up, charter schools struggle. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  • Because of declining tax revenue, some school districts are looking at big budget cuts. (USA Today)
  • As businesses go under, schools are getting more supplies donated. (Times)
  • Schools near McDonald’s restaurants have higher obesity rates. (Post)
  • In California, 40,000 school employees are being warned that they could be laid off. (Times)

The COVID-19 outbreak is changing our daily reality

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