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Rise & Shine: Chancellor's defenders write letters to the editor

  • In letters, educators and advocates weigh in on the Times’ recent article about Joel Klein. (Times)
  • The mayor and chancellor visited “the poster child” for Obama’s policies. (GothamSchools, Post)
  • Chancellor Klein says he supports Obama’s call for national standards. (WNYC)
  • The DOE made a deal with pre-K parents at a Chinatown school to let their kids stay on. (Post)
  • The Times’ City Room blog says the parent council election process is a new frontier in democracy.
  • JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald (infrequently) attended middle school in the Bronx. (Daily News)
  • A middle school accidentally let condoms get handed out to its students. (Daily News)
  • A Midwood High School student was arrested for toting bomb-making supplies to school. (Newsday)
  • The School Library Journal profiles a Brooklyn librarian who says she’s glad she still has resources.
  • Kids at PS 41 in Greenwich Village are helping design a new neighborhood playground. (The Villager)
  • Despite the federal stimulus, some school districts might still have to lay off teachers. (Reuters)
  • David Brooks says Obama’s education policies sound bold, but his voucher talk is not. (Times)

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