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“Focus on real tests,” and other advice to President Obama

John Merrow has been collecting advice for President Obama on education. The latest additions are real audio from students, including this Texas high school senior, who says schools should focus on tests that prepare students for college, not standardized state tests:

It would be a whole lot more useful to students if they would focus on tests like SAT’s and ACT’s, more college-oriented things, rather than an end of year test that’s not used by colleges or even hardly looked at by colleges.

Malika Evans, an Urban Academy senior here in New York City, wants Obama to end military recruitment in high schools:

It gets harassing, they keep calling…School is for education and education only, and students should be worried about going to college after going to school.

At Vanguard High School in Manhattan, two students ask for better environments for gay and lesbian students:

There is a lot of high schools that don’t approve of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and queers….In school, it should be a safe place, it should be like a second home. Nobody should be put down because of their sexuality.