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Rise & Shine: Speculation mounts that Klein could get the boot


  • Some are convinced that Mayor Bloomberg is planning to fire Chancellor Klein. (New York Magazine)
  • The DOE is moving lots of schools around this fall to make seats for every student. (Daily News)
  • Class sizes in the city’s schools are up, but no one is quite sure how much that matters. (Times)
  • The high school graduation rate is up for everyone except those learning English. (Daily News)
  • NPR examines the Ghetto Film School, the lead partner for a new high school opening this fall.
  • A dropout from Brooklyn’s James Madison High School got his diploma — at age 100. (Post)


  • Atlanta’s school chief is the national superintendent of the year. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  • Michelle Rhee says she’s no longer considering a federal takeover of the D.C. schools. (Washington Post)
  • The education world is having a laugh over renaming No Child Left Behind. (Times)
  • The New York Times tells Arne Duncan to “stay the course” on school reform.
  • Jay Mathews says KIPP schools are an example of bottom-up school reform. (Washington Post)
  • Diane Ravitch says the new USDOE administration is as bad as the one it replaced. (Politico)

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