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Economic woes take a toll on teaching quality, a teacher says

City and union officials now say teacher layoffs are unlikely, thanks to an expected infusion of cash from the federal stimulus package’s state stabilization fund. But at least one New York City teacher says the threat of losing her job has already distracted her from doing it as well as she would like to.

The teacher, who blogs at They Call Me Teacher, in her first year in the city, writes:

[Teachers union president Randi] Weingarten is right. Teachers start hearing they’ll be losing their jobs, and we all start thinking about what to do, where to go, etc. etc… which means, we are Not putting all of our energy into teaching our students who desperately need all the teaching time they can get (at least mine do!). …

Teaching in this city is 100 times more stressful than I ever wish upon anyone.

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