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Rise & Shine: Monday, 2/2

  • The Times takes a look at the subjective and controversial decision to close struggling schools.
  • Mayor Bloomberg says he’s not bluffing about cutting teachers’ jobs. (Daily News)
  • The principal of Brooklyn’s forthcoming Hebrew-language charter school speaks no Hebrew. (Newsday)
  • At the 92nd St. Y, public school students work with acclaimed authors. (Times)
  • Teacher salaries are higher than they used to be. (Times)
  • Charter school advocates are rallying for more state aid today in Albany. (Times-Union)
  • In D.C., the contract showdown between Randi Weingarten and Michelle Rhee nears. (Washington Post)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wants California schools to use class size funds however they want. (L.A. Times)
  • The Canberra Times wonders what exactly Australian schools can learn from New York City’s.
  • Jay Mathews says schools shouldn’t cut their sports budgets. (Washington Post)